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Full Super Moon in Scorpio

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Card 1 - Six of Wands-

The Full Moon is bringing you sweet victory! The six of wands represents a time of success and celebration and speaks about being seen and congratulated for your efforts. But, in order to be seen you have to stop dimming your light. It's time to call in your soul family and support team. You're not meant to do everything alone! There's a shift happening in your schedule that will free up some of your time and allow you to get more rest. It's important to take a grounded approach to your current situation. If you make your decisions based on fearful responses, you will miss out on the growth you deserve. When you get grounded, and connect with your centre, then you can make decisions from a space of strength and integrity.

Card 2 - Three of Pentacles -

Card 3 - Five of Cups -

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